The Chef

I was born in Maddaloni, a small town in the province of Caserta, in 1976. I graduated from the IPSSAR hotel school in Teano (CE) in 1995. I had my first real approach to catering in the summer, working without compensation in the kitchen of a typical Campania trattoria. Thanks to the desire to improve, I succeeded (through “Cosimo Papagna” a friendship towards which I will always nourish gratitude) to meet Bruno Barbieri, a master chef judge. I was 21 years old and I was attending an internship at the restaurant “La Locanda Solarola” in Castelguelfo di Bologna, at the time rated a star by the michelin guide and immediately after 2 stars.

It dates back to this period of learning classical cuisine. The generosity and professionalism of Bruno Barbieri did the rest. I immediately understood that it was an extraordinary job, although a sacrificial one. I come from a family where food is a fundamental value for life: my grandmother passed on to me the love for food, making cheese, bread and fresh pasta with her own hands. At home, cockerels, ducks, rabbits and garden fruits have never been lacking. The Bolognese experience was followed by the working moment at the restaurant “Colline Ciociare” in Acuto, Fiuggi: covering the role of “second” I accepted the lesson of the chef and Patron Salvatore Tassa, about the importance of the quality of the raw materials and the need to always pay attention to respect for traditions. In November 2000, on the occasion of a RAI program to be realized with Gambero Rosso Channel, I was lucky enough to know Mark Veyrat as the author of innovative techniques for cooking herbal dishes. The experience bears the imprint of the Oliver Glowing with whom I worked as a match manager and Vito Netti “second” at two different facilities “Capri Palace” in Anacapri and “La Strega” in Taranto respectively.

The stay at Casa la Querce in Montemurlo (PO) from 2005 to 2009 as executive chef brings great results:

Awarded as one of the ten best chefs in Italy under 30 (according to the monthly magazine “Monsieur” February-March 2006 by Luigi Cremona); Collaboration with Ciro Vestita for the realization of a book “Cultivate health”, then elaborate of recipes based on vegetables, in order to formulate light and succulent dishes. I trust that the traditions remain the basis of my cuisine, to be innovated thanks to the techniques acquired over the years and to my personal culinary vision, only thanks to these references I was able to achieve what I always wanted, to be a chef at home and a Catering Service. Of course, in a land where the truffle represents a jewel for the local gastronomy, my personal challenge is being played in the attempt to create dishes that enhance the preciousness and the peculiarity of this exceptional product, but at the same time, they facilitate the approach. I love to cook what I love to eat: this allows me to transfer to my dishes an immediate emotion, in the belief that good food contributes to raising the quality of life.

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