Home delivery service

Private chef for home delivery service and Catering Service in Prato

Organizing an aperitif, a business lunch, a dinner with friends or celebrating an anniversary while remaining at home is not a problem, it will be agreed with you place, methods and needs. Exclusive menus will be created to suit your tastes, styles and budgets. The first contact begins by e-mail to create a personalized menu based on the number of guests. Upon request the sommelier will take care of pairing wines. The proposals are always new because of seasonality. My intervention includes the inspection to see the kitchen and evaluate the necessary equipment and the realization of the menu; food & beverage expenses and room staff are excluded if necessary. We take care of everything by providing the raw materials to the final cleaning of the kitchen. To organize the event it is necessary to book at least 12 days in advance. We think all of us taking care of buying the raw material from the final cleaning of the kitchen. Free estimate:

Catering Service

We will be at your disposal to plan and schedule important events such as: Receptions, graduation parties, business dinners or Technical Weddings and tradition remain at the base, which translated into Modern key make the difference, the menus were made after a careful study of flavors, colors, techniques acquired over the years especially the experience with Maestro Bruno Barbieri Master chef judge. We boast of not having a warehouse, especially not to stock, we buy raw materials only having received confirmation of an event, We focus on the freshness of the raw material! We believe in express cooking We work on organizing an event. Request a free estimate:

Coffee break & Lunch

On request we organize a coffee break and a working breakfast service directly in your location during corporate events such as meetings, conferences and conventions. We offer delicious handmade biscuits, croissants, small fresh and dry pastries, milk, coffee, schiacciate, savory appetizers, chips, patties, pizzas, water, juices etc., the service is mainly buffet-style. Free estimate:

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